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Refined Sugar Free Cake

*This cake is available in Chocolate only, we cannot offer white or coloured sugar free icing.

*Please order at a minimum 96 hours before pickup to ensure we have enough time to finish your order 💖 If you need a cake as soon as possible, please see our "Buy Now" selection.

*our cakes are all individual creations. While we love to recreate past cakes, we cannot promise that our cakes will be an exact replica of the photos listed here. We can promise that the cake you do receive will be similar, delicious and made with love 🌈

Choose your cake flavour and size.

Sizing guide:

6" 1 layer feeds 6-8ppl

6" 2 layer feeds 6-12ppl

6" 3 layer feeds 14-18ppl

6" 4 layer feeds 22-30ppl

8" 2 layer feeds 15-20ppl

8" 3 layer feeds 25-30ppl

8" 4 layer feeds 30-40ppl

Refined Sugar Free Chocolate Cake

PriceFrom $100.00
GST Included |
  • Vegan and Gluten Free
    Other allergens may be present
    However, we take allergies very seriously.

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