Fully Iced Cake with Mini Rainbows
Custom made to suit your occasion. If you would like your icing to be a certain colour please mention this in the extra notes section at check out.

*our cakes are all individual creations. While we love to recreate past cakes, we cannot promise that our cakes will be an exact replica of the photos listed here. We can promise that the cake you do receive will be similar, delicious and made with love 🌈

Choose your cake flavour and size below. The cake pictured is a 2 layer 6" for reference.

Cakes will automatically come as a 6" 1 layer cake for the listed price. If you require a larger size you can select this below as well!

Sizing guide:
6" 1 layer feeds 6-8ppl
6" 2 layer feeds 6-12ppl
6" 3 layer feeds 14-18ppl
8" 2 layer feeds 15-20ppl
8" 3 layer feeds 25-30ppl
10" 2 layer feeds 25-30ppl
10" 3 layer feeds 39-44ppl

For a more customised order, please email us at hello@consciouscakery.net

Fully Iced Cake with Mini Rainbows

PriceFrom $55.00
GST Included |
  • Vegan and Gluten Free
    Soy and other allergens may be present