Celebration cake with custom flowers.
Custom made to suit your occasion. If you would like your icing to be a certain colour please mention this in the extra notes section at check out.

Choose your cake flavour and size below. The cake pictured is a 3 layer 6" for reference.

Cakes will automatically come as a 6" 2 layer cake for the listed price. If you require a larger size you can select this below as well!

Sizing guide:
6" 2 layer feeds 6-12ppl
6" 3 layer feeds 14-18ppl
8" 2 layer feeds 15-20ppl
8" 3 layer feeds 25-30ppl
10" 2 layer feeds 25-30ppl
10" 3 layer feeds 39-44ppl

For a more customised order, please email us at hello@consciouscakery.net

Fully Iced Cake with Custom Flowers

PriceFrom $110.00
GST Included |
  • Vegan and Gluten Free
    Soy and other allergens may be present